64 Senate Bills Signed So Far

In addition to Colorado Confidential’s counting of House bills that have been given Gov. Ritter’s John Hancock, there have been 64 Senate bills signed to date.

More after the fold.Here is a listing of the bills. Some have been given short titles while others will contain a brief description in bold. All information was obtained from the General Assembly’s Web site, and full texts of bills can be found there.

SB01-Generic & Nonpatented Rx Drug Program

SB03-Criminal Competency Evaluation Board

SB05-Obsolete Provision In CO Works

SB06-Redundant Railroad Crossings

SB07-Concerning the qualifications as a volunteer firefighter for purposes of a volunteer firefighter pension plan.

SB12-Concerning the investigations of child care providers who provide care for children whose care is funded with money received from publicly funded assistance programs

SB15-Child Support Recodification

SB16-Minimum Compulsory School Age

SB17-Concerning county representation on the sex offender management board

SB18-Relinquishment Of Children Procedure

SB19-Review Teacher Preparation Programs

SB20-Commissioner Of Education Qualifications

SB22-Concerning the authority of the Public Utilities Commission to consider the needs of low-income households when setting utility rates for energy.

SB26-Local Revenues For Full-day Kindergarten

SB28-Metro Sewage Disposal District Boards

SB31-Petroleum Product Regulation

SB37-Continue Organ Tissue Donation Fund

SB39-Protect Landowner Salvage Gas Pipeline

SB40-Concerning the prohibition of a financial institution from conducting operations on the premises of an affiliate engaged in nonfinancial activities

SB43-Emergency Health Care Provider Liability Exemption

SB48-Multi-year Contracts For Higher Education

SB50-Truancy Proceedings Representation

SB54-Research Building Funds Bond Limits

SB60-Concerning the availability of emergency contraception to a survivor of sexual assault

SB64-Child Foster Care Adoption Task Force

SB66-Pay Judgements Health Care Availability Act

SB76-Concerning the terms of office held by legislative appointees to certain government bodies

SB79-Standard Health Care Provider Contracts

SB82-Fund Habitat Partnership Program

SB97-Allocate Tobacco Settlement Moneys

SB98-County Open Space & Park Sales & Use Tax

SB100-Energy Resource Zones Transmission Development

SB104-Concerning members of the Blue Ribbon Commission for Health Care Reform

SB108-Alternate Defense Counsel Commission

SB110-Natural Resource Damage Assessment Cost

SB115-Criminal Procedural Omnibus

SB128-Concerning the use of general fund moneys in support of homeless youth shelters

SB129-Inflation Adjustment Damages Statutes

SB132-Repeal Goebel Mental Health Reference

SB148-Fast College Fast Jobs Program

SB159-Supplemental Appropriation Dept. Of Agriculture

SB160-Supplemental Appropriation Dept. Of Corrections

SB161-Supplemental Appropriation Dept. Of Education

SB162-Supplemental Appropriation Dept. Of Gov, Lt Gov, & OSPB

SB163-Supplemental Appropriation Dept, Of Health Care Policy & Financing

SB164-Supplemental Appropriation Dept. Of Higher Education

SB165-Supplemental Appropriation Dept. Of Human Services

SB166-Supplemental Appropriation Judicial Department

SB167-Supplemental Appropriation Dept. Of Labor & Employment

SB168-Supplemental Appropriation Dept. Of Law

SB169-Supplemental Appropriation Dept. Of Legislature

SB170-Supplemental Appropriation Dept. Of Local Affairs

SB171-Supplemental Appropriation Dept. Of Military Affairs

SB172-Supplemental Appropriation Dept. Of Natural Resources

SB173-Supplemental Appropriation Dept. Of Personnel

SB174-Supplemental Appropriation Dept. Of Public Health & Environment

SB175-Supplemental Appropriation Dept. Of Public Safety

SB176-Supplemental Appropriation Dept. Of Regulatory Agencies

SB177-Supplemental Appropriation Dept. Of Revenue

SB178-Supplemental Appropriation Dept. Of State

SB179-Supplemental Appropriation Dept. Of Transportation

SB180-Supplemental Appropriation Treasury Dept.

SB181-Supplemental Appropriation Capital Construction

SB191-Concerning the continuation of the function of the Division of Insurance related to the regulation of life insurance

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