The Homosexual Agenda Revealed

The elusive “homosexual agenda” has reared up again – the alert this time coming thanks to Sen. Scott Renfroe, a Republican from Greeley, talking about the second-parent adoption bill.

“This bill is about the homosexual agenda, and it’s not about what’s best for children,” Renfroe was quoted, by The Denver Post.

And to the Rocky Mountain News: “This is a remake of the homosexual agenda.”

We’ve been warned for years about the Homosexual Agenda – from James Dobson and Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson and from the main proponents of Colorado’s Amendment 2 way back in 1992. We always thought the claim was a bit dramatic, this so-called homosexual plot for total world dominance. But then we obtained a copy of the actual agenda – one of the most closely-guarded documents of our time – from a leading homosexual living right in Colorado Springs.

Without further ado, here is the Homosexual Agenda:

The Homosexual Agenda:

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