Following The 5th CD Money Trail

Freshmen Colorado Rep. Doug Lamborn received a bulk of his individual contributions – 53 percent – from out of state donors last fall.

By contrast, his Democratic opponent, Jay Fawcett, pulled in the bulk of his individual contributions – 79 percent – from within the state of Colorado.

The breakdowns are posted at, a project of the Washington-based Center for Responsive Politics, which tracks money in politics.

Keep reading.In all, Lamborn raised nearly $974,000, and spent $945,000, in his quest last year to replace 20-year Congressman Joel Hefley – first coming out on top in a six-way primary race in the traditionally Republican stronghold that includes Colorado Springs. Lamborn went on to beat Fawcett in the general election with 60 percent of the vote. For his part, Fawcett, who did not have a Democratic opponent, raised $637,000 and spent $631,000 in the race.

As noted by the Center for Responsive Politics: “As a general rule, incumbents get more out-of-state money than challengers, a reflection of their status as members of Congress and the wider circles in which they travel. Challengers and newcomers are rarely well known outside their state, so their ability to raise funds beyond their district is more limited.”

However, Lamborn was able to buck the trend in part thanks to the national Club for Growth. Before the general election the anti-tax and pro-school voucher group aggressively sought contributions from its members from around the country. In addition, the Washington-based 527 and political action committee, which also supports privatizing Social Security, raised $200,000 in donations and spent another $100,000 helping Lamborn win a squeaker of a six-way August primary.

Club for Growth’s call for contributions for Lamborn resulted in retired conservatives from around the country sending him checks, including from retired smog technicians, shipbuilders and cheesemakers.  In all, Lamborn received $209,626 in out-of-state individual contributions, and $183,830 from people in Colorado.

Fawcett received $197,334 from contributors within Colorado, and $51,514 from out of state.

Here are Lamborn’s top contributing Political Action Committees:

Lamborn received $10,000 each from the following: