Obama Scores Big in Boulder

Barack Obama’s presidential campaign won the first round in the long fundraising bout by scoring big in the liberal precinct of Boulder.

Obama raised $180,000 of his $565,000 from Boulderites, even more than he received from the larger city of Denver. The Illinois senator’s Denver supporters gave him $132,000.

The vast majority of Obama supporters listed themselves as either not working, or self-employed. Among the groups that can be identified from the donor records, people who can be identified as associated with law firms gave Obama’s campaign just under $17,000; employees of the company Level 3 donated $13,800; Aurora Organic Dairy, $9,200; and the University of Colorado, just under $5,000.

Well-known Coloradans who supported Obama include Denver Public Schools superintendent Michael F. Bennet ($4,600) and University of Colorado professor Patricia Nelson Limerick, ($2,300).

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