Attorneys Come Up Big for Dems in Colorado

Law firms nationwide are ponying up big money for Democratic presidential candidates. According to the web site Capital Eye, nearly 80 percent of the $14.6 million given by law firms nationally went to Democrats. And the plurality of that went to John Edwards, the site says.

Colorado attorneys are holding up their end when it comes to supporting Democratic presidential candidates. Colorado, attorneys donated $101,500 — 11 percent of the $924,000 the Democratic contenders raised in the state.In total, Barack Obama led the way, with $32,200 from lawyers, and John Edwards was second with $30,400. But those figures are a little misleading about the importance of the legal industry to each campaign. Obama’s contributions from attorneys represent only about six percent of his fundraising. But Edwards total represents 39 percent of the $78,000 he raised in the state. Joe Biden’s percentage from Colorado lawyers was even higher, 52 percent of his fundraising in the state, but his total raised in the state was only $10,700.

Edwards received a lot of contributions from folks who listed themselves as “self-employed,” which is fair enough. But that large group of self-employed donors — who on closer examination turn out to be attorneys (I counted 16 of them) — totaled up nearly $14,500 for Edwards’ campaign. (Insert your own lawyer joke here.)

Two local law firms led the donations to Democrats by a wide margin. Donations from attorneys with Brownstein, Hyatt, Farber, Schreck totaled $21,550. Curiously, they gave to every candidate except every other lawyer’s favorite, Edwards. The largest single recipient from Brownstein, Hyatt was New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, who brought in $9,350 from the firm.

Members of the firm Hogan and Hartson produced $11,850 for Democrats. Again the largest single recipient was Richardson, who got $7,300.