Part II: Inside Look On Being a Delegate with Dan Slater

Many Democrats want to become delegates, but few are chosen-Colorado has been allotted 71 delegate seats for the Democratic National Convention. If you want to know more about being a delegate, Colorado Democratic Party Vice-Chair Dan Slater has a few pointers for you. Part II of the “inside story” about the Convention with Dan Slater.CC: You were a delegate at the 2004 Boston Convention, describe some of the special political events you attended that you would like see re-created in Denver. What are some new events that are being proposed? (I suppose everyone will be expecting a rodeo…)

DS: In 1908, Convention leaders in Denver brought snow from the mountains in by train and delegates had snowball fights.  I’m not sure we’ll see that, but the possibilities are endless.  We have some great venues for big events that the public might be able to attend, including Coors Field, Red Rocks and Mile High. 

Generally, your day as a delegate goes like this: each delegation has its own breakfast for delegates in the morning.  That’s where you get your credentials for the day.  Then, your morning is free

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