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Former House Minority Leader Joe Stengel is back in the thick of ethics complaints at the state legislature. As Jeri Clausing of The Denver Post reports:

Former House Minority Leader Joe Stengel is representing ccAdvertising, a Virginia company that produced the robo-calls at the heart of a complaint against lobbyist William Mutch.

Mutch, who represents the homebuilders group Colorado Concern, is accused by Democratic Reps. Alice Borodkin of Denver and Nancy Todd of Aurora of orchestrating calls to constituents that said the lawmakers were backing a bill that would raise taxes on their homes.

Documents filed with the legislative ethics committee investigating the complaints indicate Mutch and Colorado Concern have complied with the panel’s request for communications related to their lobbying efforts – including scripts of the telephone calls.

But a letter from Stengel – now an attorney for Benson and Case – says simply: “Our client, ccAdvertising is not at liberty to provide the materials you have requested.”…

…Last year, he resigned his leadership post after his colleagues launched a probe into what was later determined to be “excessive off-session pay.” Stengel had billed taxpayers for working 237 days in 2005, including all weekends and time spent vacationing in Hawaii and taking the bar exam.

Stengel famously failed his first attempt at the bar exam in Colorado

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