House for Rent for Democratic Convention: $12k

After the Democratic National Committee announced that the 2008 Democratic convention would be held in Denver, Beth Potter of the Denver Post wrote about the possibility of Denverites renting out their condos and houses the week of the convention.

In the last month, four different residences have popped up on Craigslist, offering their availability for the week of the convention.  One home, which is listed as for sale, notes its close proximity to convention, and the possibility of renting out this penthouse condo for $4000 for the week of the convention.  The offer price is $450,000 to buy.

Another listing offers a five bedroom, four and a half bath home in Cherry Hills Village for the week for $15,000.  Highlights include a plasma TV, high speed wi-fi, as well as an “optional basset-hound to keep you company.”  The seller points out that the house is “perfect for a group of journalists or politicians.” Since it is the Democrats coming to town, not the Republicans, though, the listing emphasizes “absolutely no smoking or drugs.  Security deposit required.”

Read about the other listings after the jump…For those who cannot afford Cherry Hills Village, even for just one week, another Denverite lists a Stapleton home.  The listing does not include a price, but does mention the house has four bedrooms and three and half baths, as well as wi-fi and weekly maid service.  This listing also specifies no smoking, but does not mention anything about drugs.  Apparently that is only a concern for those living in Cherry Hills Village.

Another option doesn’t mention a price tag either, but is downtown.  This one bedroom and one bath condo notes it is within walking distance of the convention center, even though the convention will take place at the Pepsi Center.  Once again, no smoking is allowed, but right next door is a rooftop deck with a hot tub!

One Denver area resident has tried to fill a longer term need by appealing to those working on the convention, rather than delegates and journalists.  For $2300 a month, convention workers can lease a three bedroom two bath home 15-20 minutes north of downtown with internet access, DirecTV, and a nearby pool and golf course.  It almost sounds ideal, except that at 106th and Kittredge, it’s closer to Brighton than downtown Denver.

While hotels are expected to do the best (especially Denver’s only union hotel, the Convention Center Hyatt), there is apparently no stopping regular homeowners from cashing in on the party.

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