Affirmative Action Measure Could Make ’08 Ballot

Conservatives from Colorado and out-of-state lined up Monday to announce a push to put an anti-affirmative action measure on Colorado’s ballot in 2008. From the Rocky Mountain News:

In its current form, it’s just 37 words long, and if it is approved by the Legislative Council on Thursday, it could become the hot-button issue of the 2008 election in Colorado.

Sponsors of their self-described “civil rights initiative” launched their campaign at the Brown Palace Hotel on Monday in hopes of dismantling affirmative action in government, affecting everything from admissions to state universities to contractors submitting bids on government projects.

Flanked by Sen. Dave Schultheis and Rep. Kent Lambert, both Colorado Springs Republicans, one of the faces of the anti-affirmative action movement spoke about moving toward a colorblind society and said that the existence of affirmative action laws actually promote – rather than eliminate – race bias.

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