Tax Money For Partisan Messaging

The standard way that Republicans and Democrats have gotten their message out in the past was with the time-trusted press release – easily recognizable and highlighting identified-important topics and legislation coming from the state capitol.

Democrats, who hold the majority in both the Senate and the House, have stuck with these standard press release, which include contact information designed to let people know whom to contact for additional information or interviews.

However, this year the minority Senate Republicans have taken a different tact – creating their own “news” Website – which subsequently has been the source of some controversy.

And, according to information obtained through an open record’s request, the Senate Republicans are spending far more of the taxpayers’ dollars to get their partisan message out than any of the other three communications offices at the capitol. That, in part, is because the Republicans are offering higher tax-paid salaries – and because they have hired more people to massage their message.

Keep reading for a breakdown of salaries:There are four press offices within the Colorado Legislature. They include the House Majority, the House Minority, the Senate Majority and the Senate Minority. The employees who work in those offices are state employees, and most are eligible for the standard benefits package that goes along with them.

The Senate Republican Minority Communications includes three full-time staffers, plus an additional staffer for the session. Total salaries: $161,610.