Yes, But Are the Ski Areas Open in May?

It may be a little far from Colorado, but there is big news coming out of Europe today for those space alien enthusiasts in the San Juan Valley. Astronomers have discovered an earth-like planet revolving around a relatively nearby star that may have the elements necessary for life.

Scientists from the Geneva Observatory have found a planet with a radius only 50 percent larger than earth’s that appears to be with the habitable zone of a red dwarf star. Most scientists believe that in order for a planet to be hospitable to life, it has to lie within a limited distance from its host star. Too close and it burns up, too far and it’s too cold.This planet — so far unnamed — may have a couple of the critical conditions necessary to sustain life: relatively moderate temperatures and liquid water. The temperature of the planet is estimated at between 32  and 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

A release from the observatory says:

This exoplanet – as astronomers call planets around a star other than  the Sun