Dan Njegomir: Polemic Without A Resume

Meet Dan Njegomir – as he likes to describe, your friendly neighborhood polemic.

His official title is “Minority Legislative Initiatives Director,” and in plain English that means he works for Senate Minority Leader Andy McElhany. But doing exactly what – beyond what McElhany recently described as “tempering” the Republican lawmaker’s language, including via the Senate’s official GOP Website – is largely a mystery.

At least to Colorado taxpayers who subsidize Njegomir’s $63,345 a year salary, plus his health, dental and retirement benefits package.

Records show that Njegomir was hired by Senate Republicans on Jan. 3, 2005. However, beyond his salary and date of hire, a request, filed under Colorado’s Open Records Act, turned up no record detailing Njegomir’s official job description or duties. Neither his resume nor any original job application are on file. (By contrast, a request of other state workers working in similar jobs turned up at least their resume – as well as a list of job duties. Njegomir, by contrast, appears –

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