Kernels of Truth: CD-6, SD-29 and Beauprez’s Legacy

“Kernels of Truth” is back in business. Here’s today’s scuttlebutt:

  • Ted Harvey Looks at CD-6
  • A State Senate Primary May Be Averted
  • Will Shafroth is Running…For Something

  • Bob Beauprez’s Legacy for Republicans
  • Silly Rumor of the Week
  • The news begins after the jump…

    Tom Tancredo isn’t raising a ton of cash (comparatively, at least) in his bid for the Presidency, but that hasn’t stopped many Republicans in his congressional district from dreaming of moving up. Tancredo has said he won’t rule out running for re-election in 2008, but from what I’ve heard, a good number of Republicans aren’t anticipating that he will stay for another term.

    State Sen. Ted Harvey would be among a handful of elephants at the top of the list to run in CD-6 should Tancredo not return, but he isn’t looking ahead just yet.

    “It’s fair to say I would take a good look at it if Tom would take a move, but I’m not sure where he is in his decision making process right now,” says Harvey. “So far he’s been putting out the message that he hasn’t made a decision.”

    Harvey says that he is in “an awkward position” in looking ahead to 2008 because he considers Tancredo to be a close friend (they worked together at the Independence Institute before Tancredo was elected to congress in 1988). Harvey says that he would absolutely not run against Tancredo