Security Funding for Conventions Un-secure

The $100 million amendment to the US Senate emergency funding bill that would have reimbursed Colorado and Minnesota state and local agencies for the cost of providing security during the 2008 conventions was dropped when the Senate and House versions were merged. 

Actually, not much was lost because the bill, which will provide $90 billion for the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars and another $35 billion for domestic spending, also contains the withdrawal timetable from Iraq. President Bush is expected to veto it. Sen. Ken Salazar added the amendment last month over the objections of some senators because it was added in an emergency funding bill. However, Salazar contended that the immediate funding was necessary because the host cities have begun their security preparations. “Not knowing what funding is available hampers the two cities’ ability to develop their security plans,” he said.

The Denver Post reported:

Another mechanism for funding the security costs is moving through the House. Rep. Diana DeGette wrote a provision adding $50 million to another funding bill. That bill is on track to come to a vote this summer, said DeGette spokesman Brandon MacGillis.

The measure will still have to pass the Senate, however. Salazar plans to talk to senators on the Senate Appropriations Committee. Sen. Wayne Allard will “do what we can to make sure the funding’s available” through some other bill, Allard spokesman Steve Wymer said.