LIVE BLOG — Waak v Wadhams: The Party Chairs Face Off

Colorado partisan chiefs Pat Waak and Dick Wadhams are featured on tonight’s Aaron Harber Show on KBDI-Channel 12. Let’s see what they have to say.

Who are you?
Harber starts off asking Wadhams what it means to be a Republican. DW responds that they stand for personal responsibility, property rights and fiscal responsibility. Eh, Dick. Check in with Doug “Pinyon Canyon” Lamborn — he seems to be off the reservation.

Waak nails Wadhams on the fiscal disaster that is the Bush Administration and reaffiirms that everyone supports national security.

Waak responds that health care reform is the big issue. DW agrees that nationally the GOP forfeited the fiscal argument.

Winning in Colorado
Waak notes that the state leg is responding to people’s needs and uses the example of prescription drug law and renewable energy. Polling demonstrates that health care, eduation, environmental issues are tops in voters’ minds.

DW comes out swinging. Claims that Gov. Beauprez would have had the same success as Ritter. Hahahahahahaha! Dick, you’re killing me.

He claims that there isn’t much to show for this session yet. He starts going off on the mill levy freeze with more distortions about it being a tax increase. Blech. Get your facts straight.

Oh god, I can’t take it. Now, he claims the minority has been “magnanimous”. Where?

Waak goes after him. “This is classic Wadhams spin.”

How do Republicans win the House and Senate?
Wadhams says he’s looking to 2010. Then, incredibly goes on to state that any one of our candidates will win the state over Hillary Clinton.

Laughter insues. Poor Aaron. Yeesh.

Waak talks about unaffiliated voters. “This isn’t a game. This is about real people’s lives.” Aaron interrupts that it is a game for Wadhams. Ouch.

We’re recruiting good people and notes that she talks people out of running if they don’t have the belly for politics or aren’t in it for the right reasons.

Wadhams retreats and says that it is not a game. “I think this is a very serious business. I’ve devoted my life to this business.”

Who is the future of the party?
Waak mentions that Udall and the Salazars have the Western Dem profile, like Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer, who are comfortable in urban and rural settings. “They are beyond ideology.”

Wadhams says he can’t wait to have that debate with Udall whom Wadhams claims is outside the mainstream.

Harber follows up with why McInnis dropped out of the race.

Wadhams said it was McInnis’ decision that it wasn’t his time. Huh? He then gives props to Bob Schaffer. Not so smooth.

What happened that there is such a leadership change politically in the state when voter ID doesn’t match it?
Wadhams states that the GOP won three federal races over 30 years. It has always been a competitive state.

Waak responds that the GOP got off on wedge issues.

Will Iraq be a factor?
Wadhams says that Iraq will be resolved by 2008. Waak says it will be a huge issue because of the federal deficit and that the ideologues have taken over the party.

Wadhams wants to know why the Dems “can’t get their act together” about Iraq and then starts hammering her on about Nancy Pelosi. What an ass. Like Pat’s got a hotline to the speaker’s office?

Pat’s not doing a great job, truthfully. She can’t let Wadhams take over the discussion. Nor should have Harber.

Mercifully, the show’s over. Sheesh, that was a trainwreck. Wadhams came off like an overbearing ass and Pat wasn’t articulating well on her heels.

I’m calling it a draw.

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