Maybe It Is Rocket Science

Lockheed Martin was Colorado’s Defense Department contractor in 2006, bringing $1.1 billion into the state, according to data released by the DoD.

If Lockheed’s Colorado operations were a state, the company would rank 37th in the U.S. for defense contracts, ahead of Maine, and just behind New Mexico.The company’s largest single contract is $370.4 million to build space vehicles at its Littleton plant.

Among the Colorado towns seeing the benefits from the company’s defense contracts, Littleton leads the way with $463.5 million in 2006; Denver, $315.6 million; Colorado Springs $260.8 million; and Louisville, $10.3 million.

Lockheed by itself got about 25 percent of all the DoD contract dollars let in Colorado last year. The state gathered in a total of $4.1 billion.