Apology Regarding Endorsement Leads to Hurt Feelings in Denver Clerk Race

Sometimes in politics, even saying “I’m sorry” can cause problems, as Denver City Councilwoman Kathleen MacKenzie (District 7) learned when she recently left a message on the home answering machine of Jacob Werther, a candidate for Denver Clerk and Recorder.

MacKenzie called to explain her endorsement of Stephanie O’Malley, instead of Werther.  According to MacKenzie, she endorsed O’Malley before she learned of Werther’s decision to enter the race, and so she called Werther, whom she knows from his work for the city, and left this message explaining the sequence of events.

Werther didn’t appreciate the timing of the message, though, which came only a few days before the May 1 election, after most voters had already mailed in their ballots.Perplexing to Werther is why MacKenzie waited until now to call, rather than in early March when his candidacy was public and known to MacKenzie.  The call left him wondering if MacKenzie had doubts about O’Malley.

MacKenzie insists that is not the case, and stands by her support of O’Malley.  MacKenzie just also thinks Werther has been an asset to the city.

As to the timing of her call, MacKenzie admits “Maybe I should have waited until after the election.”

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