Wadhams Worth a Wad to State GOP

When Colorado Republicans heard Dick Wadhams would be returning to his home state after last fall’s election, they knew they badly wanted him on board as state party chair – badly enough to scrounge up more than $100,000 for his annual salary. Not bad, especially considering state party chairs are traditionally unpaid. Colorado Democratic Party Chair Pat Waak doesn’t take a salary, and neither did Wadhams’ recent predecessors.

Sherry Jackson, Colorado state Dems executive director, is paid about $52,000 annually, and her GOP counterpart, Hans Gullickson, is paid about $57,000 annually, according to Federal Election Commission records.

More after the jump…The state Dems also pay political director Bill Compton and technology director Mike Weissman. Their yearly salaries total about $70,000.

Besides Wadhams and Gullickson, the Colorado Republican GOP pays salaries for three other staffers totaling about $125,000.

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