All-Mail Ballot May Have Boosted Turnout

Even though turnout in Denver’s city elections was dismal – and in some districts really dismal – turnout may have been helped by the all-mail ballot system. The Denver Post reports:

Denver officials said Wednesday that fewer people would have voted in Tuesday’s city election, in which 78,000 votes were cast, if it were not for the mail-in ballots.

While turnout was down from the last municipal election, when it was 47 percent, officials said the lackluster campaign season is best compared with the 1999 race.

That year, like this one, featured only token opposition to the incumbent mayor and a largely incumbent City Council – factors that tend to drive down turnout.

Just more than 51,000 voters – or 26 percent of the active voters in the city – headed for the polls in that election. Forty-one percent of active voters cast ballots this year.

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