Metaphors Fly at The Capitol, Ritter to Fly Next Year

The Democratic Senate leadership met with reporters this afternoon to pat themselves on the back for all the great work they’ve done this session. And to argue about metaphors.

The legislature, Senate President pro tem Peter Groff said, is like a ship. And “we’re beginning to turn the political ship in Colorado in a different direction.”

No, said Sen. Brandon Shaffer. It’s not really like a ship. He’s steered a ship himself, having been in the Navy, and the work of lawmakers is definitely not like steering a ship. It’s more like building a house because they’re creating “a stable, sturdy foundation in the state.”


Senate President Joan Fitz-Gerald – who insists she is not stepping down from her leadership role – said their work on renewable energy policy was their biggest success.

continued…“It was probably our number one priority and the one where we hit the mark with bipartisan support.”

Fitz-Gerald emphasized that just because some of the measures were uncontroversial, it doesn’t mean they were not important.

“These were big, big strides. We’re taking them for granted because there were no fights over them,” she said.

The Senate Dems also touted their successes with health care, environmental and consumer protection legislation.

As for next year, transportation is expected to be a key issue. Asked if the legislature dropped the ball on transportation this session (hey, there are those new commemorative license plates), Fitz-Gerald said they are waiting on the results of Ritter’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Transportation.

About the prospect of any work getting done next year, an election year, Sen. Majority Leader Ken Gordon said, “I’ll be disappointed if it’s a symbolic year because it’s my last year.”

But next year is only Gov. Bill Ritter’s second year in office, and according to Shaffer, the governor is “only just now unfolding his wings. He’s going to open them up and fly next year.”

Looking forward to it.