School’s Out!

The Colorado State Legislature wrapped up its work early today, much to the apparent pleasure of lawmakers. Giddiness permeated the air as the 2007 session of the state House and Senate began coming to a close this afternoon. As Speaker of the House Andrew Romanoff tried to get through a few last resolutions, House members were already gathering their things and standing by their desks.

Not before the bell, kids.

Meanwhile, reporters dozed at the press table. In the Senate, half of the chairs were empty as Sen. Ron Tupa tried to get through confirmations to the boards of trustees for state colleges. Anyone objecting to the nominations probably would have been hit with a piece of the cake that sat in the corner in honor of those lawmakers with summer birthdays. I’m pretty sure the last time I’ve heard of such a gesture was in fourth grade. I remember because my birthday is in July, and it kind of sucked to share my “cupcake day” with nine other kids.

Today though, Sen. Jim Isgar was singled out as the lucky birthday boy. Senators were treated to a poem honoring the occasion from Rep. Wes McKinley.

“We gather from far and near
To say happy birthday to Senator Isgar”

Huh? Well, it’s been a long session, even if it was short.

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