Tancredo’s Moments of Truth

Congressman Tom Tancredo maybe should think twice about quitting his day job. First, by the unluck of the draw he got the “potted plant” position, as his Democratic counterpart Sen. Gravel called the end spot on the presidential debate lineup. Tancredo didn’t do well on his signature issue, immigration, during questioning. And now his congressional office space has been declared a “Holy Sanctuary” for all immigrants around the world.Members of United Voices for United Families, who work out of Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission Church in Chicago, described the ceremony:

The group consisted of 10 members, women, men and children who had a scheduled appointment with the congressman’s office. They met with legislative assistant
Andrew Good to discuss the issue of the mixed status families in America and to bring a very important message. The group knowing that Congressman Tancredo has a very racist reputation when it comes to Latino immigrants and the issue of Comprehensive Immigration Reform still choose to bring him a message of truth.

The message was brought to the Congressman as a people of faith. Inside of the office the celebration of the Holy Eucharist was performed, all participated, even Mr. Good. During the Celebration of the Eucharist the office was declared a Holy Sanctuary for all immigrants around the world.

“We prayed and asked God to remove the demon of racism from Congressman Tancredo’s office. We will continue to take this message to all the politicians to save our families,” said Julie Santos of United Voices for United Families.

The sanctuary certificate is in the mail along with all those other invites to the future presidential debates.