Picture Hosting Site To Be Gobbled By The Dark Side

    A couple months ago I learned of a new, great tool for putting pictures on websites and, more importantly, in my blog postings: PhotoBucket.com.  Unfortunately, if appears I may soon have to stop using the site.

    According to the Brad Stone, of the New York Times, as reported in today’s Rocky Mountain News (and originally scooped by the blog Valleywag.com) MySpace’s owner, News Corporation, will soon acquire PhotoBucket.PhotoBucket has offices in Denver, as well as Palo Alto, California.  The service recently expanded to assist with hosting videos and other documents, as well.

    Similar sites, such as Flickr (now owned by Yahoo) focus more on offering people ways to print pictures taken on the millions of digital cameras out there.

    Unclear is whether I will still be able to host my videos on YouTube, my photos on MySpace owned PhotoBucket, and the text on a Yahoo hosted website, or if the companies will just start fighting with each other about who can host what, where, and how.

    Here’s to hoping they can all find a way to get along!

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