St. Paddy’s Drama, Questions, Persist

It’s been two months since Colorado Springs Police were caught on video and on camera dragging 65-year old Elizabeth Fineron across the street in the middle of a St. Patrick’s Day parade, sending her to the hospital and leaving her with a nasty road rash.

It’s been two months since cops argued – apparently in a belief that the difference was significant – that they restrained retired priest Frank Cordaro not in what looks in photographs like a chokehold, but actually a pain-inducing “pressure point control.”

And this week the city’s new police chief, Richard Myers, said in a City Council meeting that, “we deeply regret that this happened.” Myers also said an internal investigation has determined that the officers violated no department policies in their handling of the situation.As the saga over arrests of seven peace activists during the St. Patrick’s Day parade continues, the Colorado Springs Police Department has still not answered several basic questions – questions raised immediately after the incident occurred:

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