Udall: If Ken Salazar Was on the Presidential Ticket

Does Congressman and US Senate candidate Mark Udall know something that we don’t? Speaking before Mesa County Democrats at a dinner last Saturday, Udall expressed his thoughts about the Democratic presidential race. Read below from a Grand Junction Daily Sentinel article by Mike Saccone:

…If either New Mexico Gov Bill Richardson or Sen. Ken Salazar were listed at the top of the ticket, Colorado could shift blue for the first time since 1992.

“I think either Sen Salazar or Gov. Richarson would add additional momentum to Democratic Party’s possibilities here,” Udall said Saturday. “I don’t think it’s flat-out necessary, but I think it sure makes our ticket ever more compelling.”

Udall said if 2004 Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry had picked up any three of Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada, he would have been president.

Although the official line about the vice presidency from Ken Salazar’s office is “the Senator is happy being a Senator,” Salazar has hinted to the press that he would be “open” to a VP nomination. Did Udall open that door a little wider?

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