Littwin Takes on Ghost of Property Tax Freeze Past

Rocky Mountain News columnist Mike Littwin takes a look at the recent history of the property tax freeze in Colorado and reminds us that many state Republicans, who now oppose the move, voted for a very similar measure back in 2004:

The reason not to be timid – following what may not have been the boldest legislative session – is that Ritter can remind people that Senate Republicans, then in control, voted for almost the exact same bill in 2004. I’ll say it again. Senate Republicans voted for almost the exact same bill in 2004.

Republicans explain this phenomenon by saying they didn’t understand exactly what they were voting for back then, meaning they were either not paying attention or are not very bright. And I suppose you thought they were just hypocrites.

I ask Wadhams about which one of those failings might apply, and he demurs. This is worth noting. Wadhams is many things, but not an active demurrer.

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