Poll Shows Shaffer Beats Musgrave

State Senator Brandon Shaffer has decided to run for congress in CD-4,  As Colorado Confidential first reported  on Monday, and according to a poll conducted last week, he would beat incumbent Rep. Marilyn Musgrave in a head-to-head matchup.

Results from a polling memo (PDF) exclusively obtained by Colorado Confidential show that Shaffer is already in a good position to knock off Musgrave in 2008. Among the findings of the poll conducted last week:

  • Musgrave’s re-elect is only 30%. 
  • Musgrave has a net negative job rating.  Over half of voters (53%) give Musgrave a negative job rating while only 40% give her a positive rating.
  • Musgrave has a net unfavorable rating.  Almost half of voters (48%) give her an unfavorable rating and 36% give her a very unfavorable rating.  Only 40% of voters have a favorable opinion of her.
  • In an initial head-to-head match-up, Shaffer [is the only Democrat tested who] defeats Musgrave, 43% to 37%. 
  • In a balanced, informed head-to-head match up, Shaffer [is the only Democrat tested who] defeats Musgrave, 51% to 40%.
  • Democrat Angie Paccione, who narrowly lost to Musgrave last November, has also announced her candidacy for 2008. In addition to Paccione, former Reform Party candidate Eric Eidsness has declared his intentions to run in CD-4 as a Democrat in 2008. Betsy Markey, Regional Director (North Region) for Sen. Ken Salazar, has also been mentioned as a potential Democratic candidate.

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