SOS Tightens Personnel Rules; Kopelman Still There

Secretary of State Mike Coffman has released new employee rules concerning political activities as a response to charges that his appointee and former campaign consultant, Dan Kopelman, continued his partisan activities while working in the elections division at the SOS office–an action that others are saying was against existing state employee rules.Kopelman had a consulting business, Political Live Wires, that sold voter lists to Republican candidates. Coffman has denied knowing that Kopelman was still actively recruiting customers when he started to work at the SOS office, although Coffman used Kopelman’s services during his campaign for Secretary of State. Kopelman also worked for Coffman at the Colorado Treasurer’s office until Coffman was term-limited.

The new employee regulations curtail partisan political activities; however, Colorado Democratic Party Chairman Pat Waak is still calling for Kopelman’s dismissal. In a letter to Coffman that was released to the media, she stated:

I have called for the termination of Mr. Kopelman’s employment with the Secretary of State’s Office because of his blatant partisan activities while employed in the office that is supposed to represent all voters in Colorado, regardless of party affiliation. The press reports that you have relocated Mr. Kopelman to the IT Division of the Secretary of State’s Office. However, this raises several additional concerns that I would like for you to address.

Waak named five complaints:

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