The Elephant In The Room – Part 1

Talk about a jarring GOP wake-up call.

In a free-ranging analysis to gay Republicans recently gathered in Denver, national Republican strategist and pollster Tony Fabrizio delivered a take-no-prisoners primer about the party’s face of the past and its look of the future.

And it was about as far as you can get from a pleasing romp through the proverbial meadow on a magnificent summer morning.Fabrizio, who in 1996 served as chief pollster and strategist to Bob Dole’s presidential campaign, has also been a key advisor to a dozen U.S. Senators, scores of U.S. Congressmen and numerous statewide elected officials. At the Log Cabin Republicans convention, he followed Pat Toomey, of the anti-tax, pro-school voucher Club for Growth, and a speaker representing the moderate Republican Main Street Partnership.

“They both claim to have the same goals, but they fight each other in the primaries,” Fabrizio said.

Pause. Then again – and much louder the second time. “They fight each other in the primaries.”

Life of course begins, for the modern day Republican, with Ronald Reagan – whose opposition to communism proved to be the unifying factor of the party. But as the Berlin Wall fell, so came apart the glue that held the party together. What emerged was what Fabrizio describes as five distinct blocs of the party:

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