Hudak Announces SD 19 Campaign

Evie Hudak, member of the State Board of Education, has announced she is running for State Senate 19, a seat that will be vacated because of term limits by Sen. Sue Windels in 2008. Hudak filed with the Secretary of State on Monday. Isn’t it a little early to be announcing a state senate candidacy?

“It does seem crazy to announce so soon, but there is going to be a lot of competition for attention with the presidential races and Denver hosting the Democratic Convention,” Hudak said. “Plus, we have to get out there early to start raising money.”

District 19 includes Jefferson County, Arvada and Westminster. Out of 78,155 registered voters, 30,413 voted Democratic and 26,265 voted Republican in the Wendels’ 2004 re-election.

“Sue and I have a similar backgrounds,” Hudak noted, “we’ve both been teachers and involved with the PTA.” Hudak also mentioned that she should have good name recognition in SD 19 since she has been on the ballot four times since 1994 and she’s lived in the district for 25 years.

Rep. Debbie Benefield has also been included in the list of possible candidates for SD 19, but Hudak believes Benefield will seek re-election of her HD 29 seat instead. John Giardino has also indicated an interest in both HD 29 and SD 19.