From Russia … Could It Be Love?

So the irascible Douglas Bruce has jetted off to the Ukraine to get what everyone is hoping beyond hope will be a bride.

Yes, this Ward may finally be bringing home a June – or an Olga, or a Svetlana.

At last.

In the meantime, the remaining four members of the El Paso County Board of Commissioners will receive what undoubtedly will be six weeks of glorious, uninterrupted bliss while deciding matters of zoning and such. It will at least be a break from the incessant hammering on just about everything they do from their colleague Bruce, who is Colorado’s most famous self-styled anti-government watchdog.During his long vacation to Russia and the Ukraine, Bruce, the author of Colorado’s Taxpayer Bill of Rights who is now in his third year as an elected county commissioner, will miss more twice-weekly meetings than any elected county officer since the mid-90s.

He’s due back in mid-July, and yes, the rumors that the bachelor may bring home one of those famous Russian brides is real – even if they are, at least for now, just rumors.

“He went on a singles’ cruise a couple of months ago – I don’t know where, but he’s still single,” says Sallie Clark, another commissioner with whom Bruce frequently butts heads. “He has said he’s gong to Russia.”

What for?

“Maybe one of those Russian brides?” Clark responds. “It’s a little rumor, but he did get his hair cut.”

Colorful stories of Bruce’s efforts to find a June for his Ward (yes, that is how he’s described it himself) are the stuff of legend. Besides his online efforts at love, several of his acquaintances have, over the years, reported on their unsuccessful efforts to introduce the lifelong bachelor, who turns 58 on Aug. 26, to Mrs. Right.

And since he was first elected to the all-Republican board, the 4-1 votes have become commonplace. So too are the utterly time-consuming distractions that come with serving with him.

Want to talk about money for law enforcement or disasters or snowstorms or the district attorney’s office? Or bulletproof vests for the sheriff or wildfire reimbursement or TESSA (which works with women and children who are victims of sexual assault and violence) or CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) or roads? Get ready for a lecture on waste, waste, waste. The county government shouldn’t pay for anything – including accepting federal money for road projects.

Need a snapshot of what it’s like to share Bruce’s soapbox, week in and week out? Consider the chunk of time that Bruce ate up during the May 24 commissioners’ meeting –

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