Time Magazine Readers Can’t Stump Congressman

Time Magazine’s “10 Questions” feature uses readers’ queries to probe the minds of entertainment, media and political figures on the national stage. Don Cheadle, Jordan’s Queen Rania, Bob Woodruff, Chris Rock and … Tom Tancredo? Yup, the Colorado congressman is the magazine’s interviewee for its June 11th edition, and he answered 10 questions that included, “Why do you hate Mexicans?”

Eight of the questions directly addressed immigration, but Tancredo used his special brand of logic to twist the one question about climate change into his favorite subject:

Q: What evidence would convince you that global warming is a serious threat to the planet?

Tancredo: I have no doubt that global warming exists. I just question the cause and what we can do to ameliorate it. But I wonder why the Sierra Club isn’t going crazy about the environmental aspects of massive immigration into the U.S. The fact is, Americans consume more energy than anyone else, so if a person moves here from another country, they automatically become bigger polluters.

Read the rest of the fun here

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