Watching Out For Johnny Law

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

The Colorado State Patrol has gotten an injection of cash and will be upping their busting capacity – or what our friends in bureaucracy call  “safety enforcement activity” – at a number of highway construction work zones this summer.

Keep reading for the list of targeted areas where Johnny law will be lying in wait across the state for miscreant motorists – and some eye-opening stats of the number of people who have recently been injured and killed in cone zone accidents in Colorado.According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, 1,906 crashes occurred in Colorado road construction zones in 2004 (the most recent statistics available), resulting in 768 injuries and 14 deaths. Over the past four years, five CDOT employees have been killed in work zones.

This summer the Colorado Department of Transportation provided a $118,000 grant to the Colorado State Patrol to help beef up enforcement of speeding and other laws in targeted construction zones, where lawbreakers face doubled fines.

Additional funding has been funneled to other local enforcement agencies as well.

Here’s a list of road projects across Colorado that CDOT has targeted for increased enforcement this summer: