Toss One Over the Plate for the DNC Convention

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketGoing once. Going twice.

Have you ever envisioned yourself the star of the “Field of Dreams?” Here’s your chance to experience the thrill of showing off your baseball skills in front of thousands, but it may take some deep pockets. The Denver Host Committee and the Colorado Rockies are hosting an auction that will give the highest bidder the opportunity to toss the historical opening pitch at the Rockies-Yankees game on June 20th. Two premiere seats at the game are included. Proceeds will go to support Denver’s fundraising efforts to cover expenses associated with the 2008 Democratic National Committee Convention. The auction will expire on June 14th at 5 pm.

The Yankees haven’t played the Rockies at home since 2002.

With the Denver Host Committee falling a couple of million short of its June 1st fundraising goal, maybe this is the start of series of special promotions to unconventionally raise monies for their next deadline.

Here are a few other ideas:

–If every registered Democrat in Colorado tithed $10, that would raise over $8 million

–Tacking a buck on every tourist who visits Colorado in 2008 could add another $11 million or so

–Put a 50 cent surcharge on every pair of Croc shoes nationally sold this year should add at least another $3 million

–Actor and Democratic cheerleader George Clooney sold a kiss for charity at the Cannes Film Festival for $750,000. Twelve kisses would raise $9 million

–If all Colorado Republicans paid $1.00 each for George Clooney to kiss Karl Rove, that would be good for over $1 million

What are your ideas?

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