Nix On The Jones Book: “Invasive, Exploitive, And Not Well-Written”

After the big book chains nixed any Colorado Springs stops for Mike Jones and his just-released lurid book detailing trysts and the outing of Ted Haggard, publisher Seven Stories Press turned to Richard Skorman, owner of Poor Richard’s Bookstore.

Skorman is a longtime community activist, former council member and champion of gay and lesbian causes. But in a letter to the editor published in the Colorado Springs Independent and the Gazette this week, Skorman explains why his bookstore is also just saying no to the Jones book tour.

Keep reading for the letter.

Last month, Poor Richard’s Bookstore was approached by Seven Stories Press, the publisher of I Had To Say Something: The Art of Ted Haggard’s Fall, by Mike Jones, asking us to host a book signing to promote their recently published title.

At the Poor Richard’s complex, we strongly believe in our citizens’ First Amendment freedoms to read any book of their choosing, including I Had To Say Something. We also stand for fairness and protecting the civil rights of all in our community, in particular our gay, lesbian and transgendered neighbors, co-workers and friends.

However, we are selective about the new books we carry and the authors we promote. After reading I Had To Say Something, we found the book invasive, exploitive and not well-written. We won’t be carrying the book, recommending it or promoting its author.

– Richard Skorman,

owner, Poor Richard’s

Colorado Springs