Reporting From The State Democratic Convention

    It is May, 2008 and we’re in Colorado Springs during the Colorado Democratic State Convention. A Springs TV station has sent a news team to the convention for live coverage.

    Read the transcript below.7:34 am. Anchor Steve:   This is KRTWG-TV morning news in Colorado Springs. In the local headlines today is the Democratic Convention. (Turning to his fellow newscaster) Well, Cindy, what attracted the Democrats here in the first place?

    Anchor Cindy:   Steve, Republicans have said it is a weak attempt to sway voters here in Colorado Springs. After all, the Democrats want to get out of Iraq which doesn’t sit well with the military here. Imagine the economic impact in our city if the war machine was stopped.

    Anchor Steve:   Heh, heh. The Democrats came to the wrong city to find peace. But let’s hear from Danielle in front of the convention center. Danielle, it looks like the convention participants are trickling in.

    News correspondent Danielle: Well, Steve. I’m standing here with Fred, a delegate from Larimer County. Fred, why do you think the Democrats chose Colorado Springs for their convention?

    Delegate Fred: We think that if normal people heard our messages, they would realize they’ve been duped by the right winged Bush lovers.

    Danielle: Ah, well, Fred. We know the Democrats support gay rights. How is that going to convince Springs voters to vote your way?

    Fred: Do you guys like the government in your bedrooms? And about that Ted Haggar…..

    Anchor Steve: Thanks again for your report, Danielle. We’ll check back with you later during our morning show.

    7:57 am. Anchor Cindy: We’re going to see how Danielle is doing at the Democratic Convention one more time this morning. I see you are inside the convention hall at a booth. Can you tell us what is going on?

    Danielle: Yes, Cindy. I’m standing here where delegates can pick up bumper stickers and buttons. Bobby is with me. Can you tell me Bobby, what are the more popular items today?

    Bobby: Sure. I’ve sold a lot of “War is not Pro-Life” buttons and “When Bush took office, gas was $1.46” bumper stickers.

    Danielle: Why do you think these are selling?

    Bobby: Hey, lady. Where have you been the last eight years? Here, I’ll give you a free Al G….

    Anchor Cindy: Thank you again for your great interviews, Danielle. Yes, the Democratic Convention is here in Colorado Springs and over 6500 delegates will be out on the town, no doubt talking about equal rights, saving the environment and changing politics. Steve, do you think that will influence voters in the Springs?

    Anchor Steve: Cindy, those are the wrong messages for the folks here, heh, heh.

    Anchor Cindy: Thanks for joining us here at KRTWG-TV morning news. Have a good day!

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