Romanoff Goes On The Road To Reform

UPDATED: In addition to Denver and Colorado Springs, a JeffCo meeting is also scheduled (see below).

Unintended consequences. Those were the two words that Colorado’s Speaker of the House, Andrew Romanoff, conceded in February may grow into a rallying cry to make amending Colorado’s constitution more difficult.

Need some examples? Voters might have thought TABOR only meant the government has to ask first for a tax increase. But, boy, that ratchet down thing really turned out to be a surprise. Amendment 27, “campaign finance reform,” was music to the ears – until the 527s started marching in with their lowball tactics and hard-to-track financing. And then there was Amendment 41: Ethics in government. Sounds good, in theory.

Nearly five months later, Romanoff has taken his Constitutional reform show on the road.Check out these stats, courtesty of the Speaker’s office: