DNC Convention Green

Are the Democrats changing their logo color? Do they all claim to be Irish? Is Al Gore really running for president?

The Democratic National Committee Convention “green” has to do with renewable energy, recycling and conservation. According the Rocky Mountain News, these are some of the green actions the Democrats are planning to take compared to the 2004 convention in Boston:

2004: To offset the tons of carbon dioxide emitted by thousands of visitors flying into Boston and New York, CERC bought “carbon credits” that helped fund alternative energy, reforestation, and other projects to reduce the impact of carbon gases, which have been linked to global warming.

2004: An estimated 67,315 tons of carbon gas were emitted as a result of the conventions.

2008: Delegates flying into Denver will be given the opportunity to purchase carbon credits when they book their flights. The money raised will be used to fund renewable energy projects in the mountain west.

2004: A fleet of hybrid buses helped shuttle visitors from the airport in Boston.

2008: Democratic officials hope to expand this effort in Denver, adding hybrid vans and taxis to the mix.

2008: Hundreds of bicycles may be on downtown streets, as delegates and visitors are encouraged to ride bicycles between hotels and the Pepsi Center.

2008: Downtown office workers will be encouraged to use RTD or car-pool during the convention.

2004: More than a ton of wastepaper generated during the first day of the Boston convention was recycled into commemorative posters given to each delegate on the last day of the gathering.

2008: Convention officials will strive to create a “paperless” convention, helping delegates book rooms and make reservations online and encouraging staff to send all memos via e-mail.

2004: Of the 116 tons of material used for construction inside the Fleet Center, 81 tons were recycled and 21 tons were salvaged for reuse.

2008: Denver hopes to use mostly recycled material and “green” construction techniques on all interior work at the Pepsi Center.

2004: A 250-kilowatt fuel cell was installed to power the media pavilion in the Fleet Center.

2008: Officials are hoping to use even more alternative energy inside the Pepsi Center. Wind turbines and solar panels may be positioned around the grounds.

2008: Vendors for the convention can expect to see requirements for energy efficiency and recycling in contracts.

2004: Hotels in Boston looked for ways to reduce energy and water consumption. Restaurants served locally grown food, which reduces the need for shipping over long distances.

2008: Denver hotels will emphasize conserving water, asking visitors to take shorter showers and not use many towels.

On Wednesday, DNC members and convention delegates were in Denver touring hotel and restaurant facilities. Web sites with delegates information, places to stay and play and delegate chat rooms will be available soon.