Manzanares Prosecutor No Stranger To Controversy

Larry Manzanares’ suicide has prompted fury and finger-pointing, with many of his friends, colleagues and even strangers weighing in with harsh criticism at prosecutors and the media for taking the porn angle and twisting it until the well-respected former judge and Denver City Attorney broke.

Ironically, the Jefferson County district attorney’s office, which released an 80-page affidavit at a news conference designed to highlight what they claimed were “massive” amounts of porn (the Rocky Mountain News dutifully repeated the description in its subsequent headline and news story) on Saturday had no comment – other than expressing “sadness.”

The Denver Post quoted Mark Pautler, the senior chief deputy district attorney who led the investigation, saying: “I’m sorry that it happened.”

This is the same Mark Pautler who, in 2001, was disciplined for pretending he was a public defender in the William “Cody” Neal ax murder case (or, as the Colorado Supreme Court put it, “engaging in dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation”). It’s the same Mark Pautler who, in another case authorized a search warrant of the office of the Denver Peace and Justice Commission – which allowed seizing membership lists –

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