CD-2 Candidates Pleased With Early Fundraising

Second Congressional District Democratic candidate Jared Polis has raised more money on than any other congressional candidate in the country, according to data compiled by the Swing State Project.

Polis raised a total  of $102,993 from 180 individual contributors, according to the ActBlue. ActBlue is “a federal PAC that enables anyone – individuals, local groups, and national organizations – to fundraise for the Democratic candidates of their choice.”The Polis campaign didn’t release fundraising totals for the 2nd quarter, but campaign manager Wanda James said, “We’re pretty pleased right now, I suppose we could say.”

Fitz-Gerald campaign manager Mary Alice Mandarich says she’s not surprised by Polis’s showing on ActBlue. Neither of Polis’s Democratic opponents, Joan Fitz-Gerald nor Will Shafroth, have used ActBlue to raise money.

Mandarich also said the campaign is not ready to release any totals from the quarter’s efforts. “We are on target for what we had budgeted. Knowing we had six weeks to raise it, we feel good about ourselves.

“I think all three candidates are going to come in close to each other,” Mandarich says. “They each have their own constituencies.” She expects the candidates to each raise about $200,000 in the first reporting period.

The early fundraising is “low hanging fruit,” she says, when eager supporters of each candidate weigh in. It’s the results in subsequent periods that will tell the tale.

Will Shafroth says he anticipates the checks will “continue to roll in” through next week. He doesn’t want to release any information because “the federal compliance stuff is fairly complicated” and he wants to make sure that his campaign has done it correctly before the information is released.

The deadline for federal campaign funding reporting for the quarter is June 30. The data should be available by July 15.

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