Jesus: Won’t You Be My Buddy?

Some months ago, Colorado Confidential’s Dan Whipple scored an exclusive interview with the Prince of Darkness.

That Q&A conducted at the local Starbucks was apparently not lost on the Kingdom of Heaven. The Son is striking back to out-spin the media savvy fallen archangel-in-chief with a hip new Internet campaign to bring the lost lambs back to the flock.In another Colorado Confidential exclusive, we’ve captured an image of Jesus’ MySpace page as depicted by the youth group at Faith Community Lutheran Church ELCA in Longmont.

The church has a long history of creating interesting billboard art in front of the parish on a busy stretch of Colorado Highway 66. Previous hand-painted signs have included riffs on pop culture advertising for cellular phones, such as “Can You Hear Him Now?,” to soft drinks “Experience What Jesus Can Dew for You.”

No word yet if the Messiah’s page is more popular than the one created for Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama.

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