Candidate Tancredo, One Way or Another

Just days after the Rocky Mountain News’ M.E. Sprengelmeyer wondered if the death of the immigration bill in the U.S. Senate would also mean the death of Congressman Tom Tancredo’s presidential campaign, he caught up with the dark horse candidate in Iowa for a Q & A. Tancredo rejected the idea of dropping out of the race:

You go as far as you can go, because first of all, that’s what everybody who is supporting you believes that you are going to do. I can’t just tell people, “Send me money. Vote for me in straw polls,” all this stuff, “because I’m going to stop – what? – on February 2nd or something?” You can’t do that. You can’t even have it in your head.

But, the congressman was vague about what other office might be in his future if not the presidency. He said there  is a 50-50 chance he would run against Ken Salazar in 2010 for his U.S. Senate seat. 

He’s just so wrong on these (immigration) issues, and because I just would like that. I like that matchup. It would be fun to do battle on all this stuff. I think it would be great.”

Whether Tancredo is aiming for the presidency, a Senate seat or another term as a congressman, one thing seems for certain: candidate Tancredo is here to stay.