BoCo Buzz: New commish; going to the dogs

Boulder County Assessor Cindy Domenico will make a move in the county courthouse, while state Rep. Paul Weissmann will stick around at the capitol.

Domenico won the race to replace County Commissioner Tom Mayer hands down, with 47 of 81 votes in the first round. Mayer died of cancer last month, and state law requires a vacancy committee – in this case the county central committee – to select a replacement.

More on the flip…Domenico capitalized on support from other county officials, including clerk and former Democratic Party chairwoman Hillary Hall, former commissioners Ron Stewart, Josie Heath and Paul Danish and Sheriff Joe Pelle. Hall nominated her, with Mayer’s campaign manager seconding the nomination.

Weissmann took his quest door-to-door to the 101 committee members and served lemonade outside the county headquarters on the hot July night Monday. But that garnered him only 19 votes, ahead of Pete Salas with 13 and Gladys Forshee with 2.

Meanwhile, over at Boulder Municipal Building, City Attorney Ariel Calonne is packing his bags to take a job in Ventura, Calif.

But first, he’ll have to deal with the little spat with his neighbor.

Police cited Calonne for harassment and criminal mischief last week after a neighbor complained about his dog in her yard and the dispute degenerated. From the Daily Camera:

Beverly Potter called police Tuesday morning and said she had reprimanded Calonne for allowing his dog to walk on her property on the 3200 block of 11th Street. Calonne “responded … by telling her ‘that if she touched his dog that he would kick her ass,'” according to the police report.

Calonne counter that his neighbor has complained more than 50 times to police about him and – mostly – other neighbors in the last three years.

If that’s the case, Calonne might want to be more concerned about how he’s going to sell the house he bought for $895,000 in 2004. That neighbor could be a turnoff for potential buyers.