Polis Raises $300K, Fitz-Gerald, $220K

In the race for the Democratic nomination for the 2nd congressional district, the Jared Polis campaign says it has raised over $300,000 for the second quarter of 2007.

The Fitz-Gerald campaign, meanwhile, says that they have exceeded their fundraising goal for the quarter, with over $220,000.Polis’s campaign says the $300,000 has come from 400 contributions. And, as reported earlier, he raised $128,216 on Actblue.com, making him the largest recipient of funds nationwide on that network. Forty-three percent of the Polis contributors live with the congressional district and 65 percent in Colorado.

Polis also said in the release announcing the fundraising goal that he is matching “his online donations for this period dollar-for-dollar in acknowledgment of his early netroots supporters.” According to campaign manager Wanda James, this will bring the total for the quarter to about $428,000, along with some not-yet-quantified in-kind contributions. James said Polis has been fundraising for only three weeks.

Joan Fitz-Gerald’s campaign manager Mary Alice Mandarich said, “We’ve still got money coming in for us. We’ve met our goal for the second period. It will be over $220,000. Based on the fact that we only had six weeks to raise it, we’re very pleased with the amount of money we’ve been able to raise, and the broad support it shows.”

Because the official reports are still being compiled, Mandarich couldn’t say how many individuals have given to Fitz-Gerald’s effort.

Will Shafroth’s campaign couldn’t be reached for comment, but Shafroth said earlier that he doesn’t plan to release any funding totals until his official reports have been finally compiled.

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