Tancredo the Next Simon Cowell?

Congressman Tom Tancredo and American Idol producer and judge Simon Cowell already have one thing in common: both unapologetically say outrageous things to garner attention. Now, Tancredo will follow in Cowell’s footsteps by staging his own version of the popular singing contest. Tancredo’s presidential campaign announced it is hosting an “exciting talent search” to find the first “Iowa Idol.” Contestents 17 and younger can send in videos of themselves performing, and the top 10 contestants will be judged by a panel of “celebrity judges.” From a press release:

Senior advisor for the Tancredo for President Campaign, Bay Buchanan, commented today about this exciting event, “We are delighted to sponsor this event in the hope that we will encourage young people to become involved in national politics at an early age, and help them understand the importance of the Iowa Straw Poll in American politics.”

Right, because the best way for young Iowans to understand politics is to get decked out in red, white and blue and sing “Proud to be an American” just to be humiliated by the staffers of a third-tier presidential candidate. Good luck kids!