Shafroth weighs in at $300,000

Will Shafroth, one of three Democratic contenders to replace Mark Udall in Congress for the second congressional district, will report next week that he has raised $300,000 in the just-ended quarter.

This is a very strong showing for Shafroth, who will need solid funding to overcome his relative lack of name recognition compared to Jared Polis and Joan Fitz-Gerald.Shafroth will report a total of $293,550 to the Federal Election Commission. The full reports and list of individual contributors should be available after July 15.

“I’m gratified by the support of those who are tired of politics as usual and understand that this campaign is about fresh new ideas and a new type of politics that puts people first,” Shafroth said.

Shafroth has long been a major player in the well-funded Colorado conservation movement. Presumably most of his fundraising came from this sector, though we won’t know until the full reports are available.

As reported earlier, Jared Polis reported raising $300,000, along with about $130,000 from his personal funds (for a total of just under $430,000); Joan Fitz-Gerald, generally considered the front-runner in the race, tallied $220,000.