On the Run: House races slow to shape up

What’s up in the House?

Only nine Colorado House members are term-limited for the 2008 election.  Although each of the 65 seats in the Colorado House come up for re-election every two years, that doesn’t mean that many races are competitive.

Thus far, fewer than a dozen non-incumbent candidates have filed to run for the state House in ’08. That’s understandable, given the contest is more than 16 months away.

Take a look on the flip for more about the early birds.First, the term-limited House members include six Democrats – Alice Borodkin, Andrew Romanoff, Alice Madden, Mary Hodge, Cheri Jahn and Rosemary Marshall – and three Republicans – Bill Cadman, Debbie Stafford and Al White.

Who’s filed?

  Cadman’s last opponent in Colorado Springs, Democrat Allison Hunter, has filed to run – she got 33 percent of the vote in 2006.
  Democrat David Rose filed for Hodge’s District 30 seat.
  Democrat Sue Schafer is in for Jahn’s District 24 seat
  Democrat Matt Bergles hopes to take on Marshall’s District 8 seat. Bergles ran unsuccessfully against now-Secretary of State Mike Coffman for a House seat in 1994.

A handful of challengers have filed in other races:

  Democrat Jan Hejtmanke plans to take on Rep. Amy Stephens in House District 20 again; Hejtmanke took only 26 percent of the vote in 2006.
  Republican Matt Dunn filed last December for a rematch against Joe Rice in House District 38; Dunn lost with 47 percent in ’06.
  Democrat Russell Greear filed to run in House District 4, the seat held by fellow Dem Jerry Frangas, who still qualifies for another term. (Things that make you go hmmm?)
  Democrat Andrew Scripter plans a run against incumbent Republican Rob Witwer in House District 25.
  Two-time Montrose mayor Noelle Hagan, a Democrat, will take on Ray Rose in House District 58, where Rose appears to be stirring things up on the local government level.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of State’s site says Democrat John Giardino filed in February to run in House District 29, a seat occupied by Democrat Debbie Benefield.  the site says his candidacy is terminated. But the documents indicate he filed in April o run in Senate District 19, the seat being vacated by Sue Windels, where Board of Education member Evie Hudak is also in the race.

As we mentioned in the post on Senate races Monday, we’ll keep tabs periodically on these races. Thus far, this info is coming mostly from the Secretary of State’s campaign finance search function (which is, frankly, sometimes inaccurate). If you’ve got beta, e-mail me at sfish@coloradoconfidential.com.

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