Schaffer’s Take: $717,000

GOP Senate candidate Bob Schaffer raised $717,000 after he entered the race with six weeks to go in the second quarter.

Democratic Rep. Mark Udall reported Tuesday that he took in $1.1 million in the quarter.

Schaffer’s moola is plenty more than some  — or maybe even most — expected from him.

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“Schaffer’s contributions averaged more than $119,000 a week in the brief time Bob has been a candidate – a remarkable start for the long campaign ahead,” campaign manager Walt Klein said in a statement.

The Schaffer campaign said 1,789 individuals kicked in, with 83 percent of the cash from Colorado.

Still, Udall’s headstart as a sitting U.S. representative is just that. He’ll report $2.5 million cash in hand, compared with Schaffer’s $682,711. They’re running for the seat being given up by two-term Republican Wayne Allard.

As the Daily Camera’s Ryan Morgan pointed out Wednesday, the 2004 race between Democrat Ken Salazar and Republican Pete Coors cost $20 million. Morgan quotes Udall’s campaign manager as expecting to need $12 million for this race.

These folks have a long way to go, baby. But the race is on…