UPDATE: Larimer Dems Select New Commissioner

Following the abrupt resignation of County Commissioner Karen Wagner this week, the Larimer County Democratic Party selected Randy Eubanks to succeed her in an emergency vacancy committee meeting held this afternoon. Eubanks, a Navy veteran and resident of Windsor, was selected to complete Wagner’s term from a field of eight other eligible democrats, including Michael Esters, John Hatfield, David Herrera, Lilias Jarding, Myna Maier, Bart Palmer, and Shannon Sharrock.

In a prepared statement issued by the county party, Eubanks said:

I will do everything I can to represent Karen’s values and fill her shoes. I will work positively, professionally, and collaboratively for the citizens of Larimer County. I have a lot to learn, and I’ll be spending the next few months learning everything I can about Larimer County government.

The father of two and employee of Hewlett-Packard was rumored to be considering a challenge to House District 49 Representative Kevin Lundberg.

Larimer County Democratic Party Chairman Adam Bowen was upbeat in making the announcement. “Everybody leaves here happy about the process and feels great about the choice,” he said.

The release also noted Wagner’s departure which was predicated on long-standing problems with Republican Commissioner Glenn Gibson which she characterized in news reports as “ear-splitting histrionics” and verbally abusive that impairing her health.

The Larimer County Democratic Party wishes to express its gratitude to Commissioner Wagner for her exemplary public service.  We regret the lack of civility by Commissioner Gibson that led to Commissioner Wagner’s resignation. It is unfortunate that Commissioner Rennels did not intervene to help resolve this situation. It is hoped that the public attention drawn to this issue will lead to an improvement in the working atmosphere, benefitting all the citizens of Larimer County.

Eubanks will be eligible to run for election in November 2008. As the 2nd vice chair of the Larimer Dems, a replacement will be sought among the membership to fill his position.

UPDATE 7-15-07: Karen Wagner issued the following statement regarding Randy Eubanks’ appointment to complete the remaining 18 months of her term:

With the appointment of Randy Eubanks to the District 2 Commissioner seat, I am assured that the position is in good hands, and that constituents will be pleased with the new leadership on the Board of Commissioners.

Randy sought–and will serve–in the commissioners’ office for all the right reasons.  Citizens of Larimer County will find that they have a true public servant to turn to, rather than a garden-variety politician.  Intelligence, passion and vision are Randy’s strengths, and are much needed in county government.

On the increasingly important issues of quality of life, sustainability and the environment, I am confident that Randy will represent the same values that I brought to the table, and will do it with fervor.  Many county decisions, no matter how small, have lasting and irreversible consequences for the environment we cherish and for the health of the Larimer County residents.  As a husband and father of two small children, Randy is acutely aware of the necessity of planning for “the next seven generations.”

New Commissioner Randy Eubanks is right where he’s needed.