2nd CD: A first look at the $$

No surprise that Jared Polis outraised Joan Fitz-Gerald and Will Shafroth in the first round of fundraising for the 2nd Congressional District Democratic race.

What is a surprise is that Shafroth, a relative political newcomer, outraised Fitz-Gerald, the state Senate president.

Today, detailed Federal Election Commission reports offer more info – on how much each candidate kicked into their campaign, who’s taking PAC money and more…

Take a look at the stats on the flip…

  • Shafroth received 99 percent of his money from individuals; compared with about 66 percent for both Polis and Fitz-Gerald.
  • Fitz-Gerald’s $236,256 total is higher than her initial report of $220,000 but lower than the $240,000 previously announced.
  • Each candidate kicked into their own race, though none as heavily as Polis, who put in $154,956 – or about 34 percent of his total of $456,498. Polis, a dot-com millionaire, earlier announced that he would match online individual contributions raised through the Web siteActBlue. Fitz-Gerald kicked in $15,000, while Shafroth gave his campaign $2,300.
  • Fitz-Gerald is the only one of the three who took money from political action committees, raising $65,500 (almost 28 percent of her total) from PACs. Much of that money came from unions that are supporting her in the race. One technicality: Although Polis’ $128,216 in donations via ActBlue are listed individually, ActBlue is a PAC.
  • Polis topped the other candidates in out-of-state cash, with only 44 percent of his donations (excluding his own money) coming from Colorado. That’s largely due to the ActBlue money. Sixty-two percent of Fitz-Gerald’s money and 65 percent of Shafroth’s came from Colorado. The bulk of Fitz-Gerald’s out-of-state money came from PACs.

We’ll take a look at what big names are supporting which candidates in the days to come. In the meantime, here’s a summary chart of the second quarter fundraising fun for the 2nd CD race (which is still waiting for a Republican to jump in):

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